MedellĂ­n, Colombia: Not what it used to be

Medellin, Colombia is often judged for its history. Shared here are 8 reasons Medellin is a modern city with a good quality of life for its citizens, and why it should be your next travel destination!


Tejo: Colombia’s National Sport

Drinking beer and blowing up little packets of gunpowder. Could you ask for a better night, playing the local national sport?

My Self-Taught Coding Journey

I don’t know when it started. Could have been when one of my students asked if he could stay in during recess to practice “Scratch” (a simplified coding program intended for kids) and I saw how much fun he was having. It could have been when I met a guy who was doing freelance programming…

La Heroica (Cartagena), Colombia

I’ve been busy. I began to write this a few weeks ago, when I first arrived in Colombia: Colombia – the only South American country to border both Atlantic and Pacific coasts – have proven itself to be a lovely country thus far! Well, I guess it’s really just the city of Cartagena so far,…

Onward travel – it’s real!

All was going as planned. I returned my car, casually grabbed a latte before hopping on the shuttle to my terminal, stopped in the bathroom, strolled through security, sat at the gate and started playing around on my computer. I was at the gate with plenty of time to spare and, just when I expect…