You should…

I had this thought yesterday that, when I was in school, I felt like I should study but actually, I wanted to do anything else.

Isn’t that the way life is? You should study. You should work. You should do that thing that’s responsible but you don’t actually want to do.

These days, all I want to do is study and learn. I feel like I should want to travel. I should go to all those tourist sites my fellow travellers are going to. I should see as many countries as I can. But all I want to do is stay in one comfortable spot and take online courses all day.

At first, I just thought, “Huh, that’s kind of funny how things change”. But, going deeper, I think there’s much more to it.

What if education weren’t forced? What if people chose what and when to learn – if they simply chose to learn? What if everything in life was a want and not a should? Wouldn’t that be a much more fulfilling life – one with no guilt over doing what you want instead of what you should. 

Because maybe what you want to do is what you should do.

Just a thought.


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