La Heroica (Cartagena), Colombia

I’ve been busy. I began to write this a few weeks ago, when I first arrived in Colombia:

Colombia – the only South American country to border both Atlantic and Pacific coasts – have proven itself to be a lovely country thus far! Well, I guess it’s really just the city of Cartagena so far, but I suspect the rest of the country will follow suit.

Cartagena was the first city in the region to declare total independence from Spain on November 11, 1811 (easy to remember because it’s all 11s, even the year: 1+8+1+1=11). Some short years later, in 1815, spaniard General Pablo Morillo wanted to reclaim Cartagena, but the locals locked the gates to their city and refused his entry. They resisted for 105 days but their people, weak and dying of starvation, eventually gave in and Morillo and his men took control, massacring thousands of Cartageneros. This guy named Bolívar came to the rescue in 1821, and Cartagena once again – and forever more – was independent. Bolívar was so impressed with the people of Cartagena for being so brave that he named the city Ciudad Heroica (The Heroic City). The locals know it as La Heroica.

It’s beautiful old city is full of shops and restaurants, narrow cobblestone streets, and beautiful colonial architecture. The beach strip, Bocagrande, is lined with high-rise condo buildings and a luxurious mall, giving it a very modern/American kind of vibe. I’ve found a lovely little cafe that I have been frequenting as I begin my online studies (more on that later).

And now I’m in Medellin. I’ve got a lot to say but if I wait until I’ve written it all, and written it well, this post will never see the public eye. So for now, let me just tell you that Colombia is a beautiful country with lovely people and I don’t plan to leave before my expensive tourist visa expires (end of April).

Ciao my lovelies!



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