Appreciating these Moments

I hear light drops beyond the walls of my apartment. I step outside to confirm that it is indeed raining and, as I ponder the clouds and my plan to leave in 5 minutes, I notice the way the sun is lighting the distant sky.

There are clouds overhead but on the horizon, behind one volcano, the sky is the most magnificent mix of a clear pinkish-yellow. Grey clouds and haze cover the top of the middle volcano, giving an eerie feel to counter the clear, colorful beauty surrounding it.

As I marvel at this lovely scene, listening to the rain slowly falling above, it hits me: This is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. This is definitely the most amazing view I’ve ever had from a place I call home.

I appreciate the colors, the smells – even the barking dogs – as I face the reality of my time here coming to an end.

Next week, I’ll be appreciating the white snow on frozen, Canadian soil. I’ll be squinting as the bitterly cold wind crashes against my face. I’ll be experiencing the short days and grey skies as I likely question my desire to be “home for Christmas”, and perhaps promise myself I’ll never go back for winter. I’ll smile at the beauty of the snow on the ground, and the challenge of staying warm in my home sweet home.

I stare out at the sun slowly setting and realize that next week, this reality – this beauty – will no longer be my life as I journey home for Christmas and then begin my next adventure (perhaps South America?). This truth both saddens and excites me, but more than anything, it makes me appreciate each moment I have left in this spectacular country.

This is a country I’ve told you very little about (sorry!), especially given the amount of time I’ve been here. So, starting tonight, I’d like to challenge myself to tell you a little bit each day about this place I’ve called home for the past 10 months. It’s been a while, but it’s good to be back. See you tomorrow, blogging world. See you soon, Canada!

P.S. sorry for the low-quality photo… maybe one day I’ll invest time and money to be able to take some better shots.


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