Stars. It’s been too long since I’ve seen stars like these. They’re not even that magnificent, as most are hidden in the haze. But stars… I can see stars!

I don’t want to have to survive the daytime without power – trying to prepare for classes without a computer and printer? Eek! All the food in my mini-fridge would be that much closer to spoiled. I’d miss my computer – which is now dead – and my phone – which surely will be dead soon. Yes, I’d like power again tomorrow. But for now? Well I’m quite content with the calm, dark night. I clearly see the distant fireworks erupting brilliant colors against the darkened sky. The mountains have an extra beauty to them, their figures barely visible yet so clearly there, no light to pollute the view. The faint music and occasional headlight remind me that I am amongst others, despite the darkness, the lack of electric hum, the sounds of nature and abundance of stars.

Yes, indeed, I’ll sleep well tonight… if this continues.


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