Sunset Serenity

I glance beyond the window of the hut as I hold each pose. The sky is slowly transforming from a perfect blue to a magnificent pink. I hear the ocean waves gently break on the shore. As we conclude today’s yoga session, I feel content with myself – mind, body, and soul (whatever that may be).

I casually wander down the stairs, the soft, endless beach awaiting my steps. My feet touch the ground, each toe feeling the particles of sand move beneath it. To my left is the most majestic sunset I’ve ever seen. The sun is a perfect red circle, bleeding its colors subtly into the fading blue sky.

A chair beckons me to sit and enjoy these precious moments. I obey. And as I do, I see lovers take in this beauty, hand-in-hand. Children’s laughter pierces my ears with joy. Birds glide overhead, watching over those below. As the sun disappears beyond the ocean’s horizon, I sense the conclusion of yet another beautiful day on this breathtaking island.

I walk back to my home for tonight – the gentle breeze in my hair, cooling my body. I am completely at peace with myself and with the world.


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