Where Am I Going (in the Blogging Kinda Way)?

Today is the beginning of the next level blogging course, and I’m super excited! I had such a fantastic experience in the first course, and can’t wait to further develop my blog and myself as a blogger.

To start, I’m encouraged to set 3 goals. I find this a very difficult task. I started out to keep family and friends posted on my experiences abroad. Then, I found I enjoyed writing about other things, in a more typical blogging way. Now, I have a desire to interact with the blogging community and develop a base of readers beyond just family and friends.

What does this mean for my blog? Where do I want to go with it? After giving it a fair bit of thought, I’ve come up with the following goals:

  1. Post at least 3 times weekly (one of which will be my weekly feature: Ridiculous and Ridiculously Awesome) for… well, until I decide this no longer suits my and my reader’s needs.
  2. Every couple weeks, I should have posted about each travel, simplicity/minimalism, and education. Specifically, I want to blog about my travels to keep friends, family, and other readers up-to-date on my experiences, and to offer a new perspective on a specific location. I want to write about my experiences with minimalism and moving away from traditional products like shampoo, with a specific focus on how they relate to travel. Lastly, I want to keep up-to-date in the education world, expecting that one day I’ll be teaching again. My passion for education and teaching surely will allow me to share some great posts.
    Each of these, every two weeks.
  3. Upon review in January, I’d like to see evidence that I am writing posts that are meaningful and/or helpful to my readers. A significant increase in daily views, likes, or purposeful comments might signal success in this area.
  4. I’m gonna add in an extra one: spend at least 1 hour each week initiating interaction with the blogging community (reading other posts, commenting, etc. but not just responding to comments on my blog).
  5. Aaaaand one more. This is probably an unwritten goal for most bloggers, but having it here will force me to reflect on it later. I want to fall into some sort of routine. Whether it be checking my drafts folder weekly, having a week’s posts scheduled on Sunday, a schedule of when I post about what, or something else. Just some sort of routine that helps me be a better blogger.

As is the case with me and goal-setting, this might change as I further define who I want to be as a blogger. But for now, this is what I’m working towards.

What do you think? Is this achievable? Specific enough?


4 thoughts on “Where Am I Going (in the Blogging Kinda Way)?

  1. Wanderlaur, looks good to me. I think you are right about feeling more accountability by forcing oneself to write goals such as you have done. I haven’t. And sometimes I’m sorry about that. I also see the benefit of reaching to folks I do not know, but I enjoy the group I am now with and find it hard to put in more time. Rather than sort of groping in the cyber space, I want to follow up on leads such as the people who like the friends I now have. I’m glad you are keeping Ridiculous and . . . I’m curious about your next topics.


    • If you’re sometimes sorry, perhaps you should make a few goals? Then again, it sounds like you are content with where you are. I think following up within you current group is a great idea. I sometimes find this very overwhelming, and sticking within a certain area of the blogosphere might help that.


  2. Hey Lauren,
    so agree with many things mentioned above. I too try to spend atleast an hour reading and commenting others blogs and posts. Some new , some i already follow.
    Liking your new weekly Ridiculous and Ridiculously Awesome.. hadn’t read it earlier.


  3. Hey Piyusha! I should keep in mind to read both new and “old” blogs. If I get too caught up in one area, I’ll neglect the other. I’m glad you like the weekly feature. Hopefully I can keep the routine going. 🙂


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