Are You Smart?

Are you smart?

Can you do math with ease? Talking science is a breeze?

Were you that one who wrote neatly, spelled all your words correctly, dotted your Is and crossed your Ts?

Have you knowledge of politics, history and other “important” things?


I am smart.

I don’t know much about science,

can’t hold a conversation about history.

What I can do, you don’t always see.

I question what they don’t,

have a vision of my own.

I hold knowledge, not of you or the world, but of myself.

I’m not afraid to say, “I don’t know about that,”

and it’s always followed with “tell me more.”

For being smart isn’t about what you know, what you can naturally do.

Being smart is so much more. It’s what you’re willing to learn, the passion and curiosity you hold.

Being smart is not just academics, it’s social, physical, creative, spatial… It’s varied and broad. It includes us all.

We are all “smart”. And none of us is the same.


I challenge you to see “smart” in our world. 

Next time you want to roll your eyes when someone says something silly? Laugh instead. Choose to embrace imperfections.

Next time you think about comparing yourself to another? Be you instead. Appreciate differences, accept who you are and focus on becoming a better version of you.

Next time you look down on another person? Open your eyes instead. When not blinded by judgement, you might see what beauty you’ve been missing.

Challenge… accepted?


17 thoughts on “Are You Smart?

    • Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by. You make a great point – we can learn so much from everyone. Seeing beyond labels allows us to do this.


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  2. This is a beautiful post.

    Conventional standards of being smart have been skewed in favor of IQ or grades smart. That was the social requirement. Now society is becoming more open to new ideas and accepting all people equally by and by. Brain Plasticity is talk of the town lately.

    I like how poetically you appeal about some things of utmost importance. This is a beautiful writing because you creatively wanted to touch certain unconventional things in an unconventional manner 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  3. We all think differently and have different skill sets. Your point about smart in a different way is spot on. The out of the box view is just a different perspective. The problem is usually there are more than one right answer to things in life. Acceptance is smart. Nicely written. 😀


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