This Week’s Ridiculous and Awesome!

So, for the last Blogging 101 assignment, I need to start a feature… what an AWESOME idea!!

I wondered, brainstormed, wondered some more, talked to a friend, and here’s what I’ve come up with: posting about something awesome and something ridiculous. The idea came from the past week or two having several news items that I think are absolutely ridiculous. While complaining is not the intention, I don’t want to appear or feel like I am. I value focusing on positive things while also laughing about ridiculous things, so I’m thinking I could briefly discuss something that is awesome and something that is ridiculous. Quick and simple.

Before I get to this week’s content, I’d like to ask your feedback… Is this something you’d be interested in reading weekly? If I continue with this, what do you think I should call this weekly feature? Please comment below. Thank you for helping me improve my blog!

So, without further ado, I present to you this week’s (though it may have mostly been last week’s) ridiculousness:

People complaining about Syrian refugees having smartphones. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?!?! If your country was being bombed and you had to grab your most important possessions and get out, would you take (and not sell) your smartphone? I know I would (and wouldn’t)! If you don’t agree, read this. There is nothing that makes these complaints worthy of anyone’s time. Just ridiculous.

And this week’s awesome:

Paris will take in 30,000 refugees over the next 2 years. Even after the attacks. It’s just awesome when love and compassion trump hate and fear.

Note: Discussing Paris worked for my purposes here and now. But I want to make it clear that I did not focus my attention only on the Paris attacks when other similar things were happening in Beirut and elsewhere. I disagree with the support shown for Paris in absence of mention of these other atrocities. I feel that’s important for you to know.

Photo credit: Politicoscope. (Blogger friends: is this okay? Can I use this photo and give credit this way?)


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