When the World Stops

006As I sit atop the mountain, gazing at the nothingness beyond, I feel a sense of calm, that this is what life is really about. The sun slowly rises, shining bright – a welcome relief after the early morning hike in the cold darkness. I am subtly aware of the masses of people who surround me, and am not surprised that this spot is both a pilgrimage for some and a tourist hot spot for others. Some of  life’s most amazing moments are in solitude atop mountains, but one can’t deny that beauty is beauty, even without solitude… very much without.

I am selecting this photo as an entry into Julie’s Photo Blog‘s Best Photo of the Week event.



6 thoughts on “When the World Stops

  1. Thank you for your participation in “Travel Photo of the Week” event.
    I hope you don’t mind that I’m saying.. the “problem” is that your photo is not visible in this post (at least I do not see it). Maybe because is uploaded as “featured image”? (I see it only in the short version of the post, when I click on the tag “travel photo”.) Can you please include it to be visible in the post? Because is really beautiful.
    Thank you. ❀


    • Thank you very much for pointing that out! It was indeed a “feature image”. I’ve added directly into the post as well, and I’ll keep that in mind for future posts like this. 🙂


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