Happy New Year from Oman!

After a glass of wine in the hotel room, we hit up three different parties – one of which we crashed – and rang in the new year amidst screams of “Happy New Year” while enjoying the cool breeze and scenic night time view.

Now, here’s a lesson in deception (I should be in marketing!):

We spent the night searching for the party, rang in the New Year on the walk home, and then found the party at our very own hotel, at which point we proceeded to go to sleep, ignoring the crowds of partiers outside our window.

Both statements are true. And it was a good night. Details, you want? Well, okay…

After a beer in a bar that had only Omani men surrounding an empty dance floor, we made our way to another bar. We declined to pay the ridiculous fee and were quite surprised that the guys-in-charge didn’t see any benefit to letting two Western women into their testosterone-dominated party an hour before midnight. We ended up convincing the bartender in the next bar to serve us a cocktail after he told us “only champagne” and proceeded to “crash” the party next to it. When I say “crash”, I really mean we stopped on their dance floor and boogied for a few songs before heading out to ring in the New Year on the streets. The bridge back to our hotel was packed with cars and people. The bridge itself was a party, consisting, almost exclusively, of young Omani men (or boys, rather). I was about to force Saralyn back to the first bar for one more beer, but we decided to follow the line of cars, obviously heading to a big party. And where were all those cars heading… why our hotel, of course! The music was pumping and the dance floor was alive. I was ready to party for a couple hours, but was very easily persuaded to sleep instead – call that a symptom of almost-30. That was my night. I hope you rang in the New Year in just as much, or more, style than I did (a tough feat, I know).

And so, congratulations, everybody – the Earth has spun once more on its axis. Today is but one day after yesterday, yet we are all so much wiser, so much stronger than we were 24 hours ago. This arbitrary day is a fresh start for all who want it – another chance to set goals that won’t be met, to decide what’s important in life and proceed to ignore those things, to erase history and start over… except that history can’t be erased. Last year, that distant memory, happened. Life goes on. I, for one, haven’t made any resolutions for this New Year. I will, however, continue to reflect, to learn, to grow, always working towards a better me. And that, my friends, doesn’t happen overnight. If you do take this fresh-start-opportunity, I hope that you take it seriously and don’t give up on your goals. Happy 2015 to all my friends and family around the world!

¡Feliz año nuevo!


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