What Next?

“Cool! Are you excited?”

This is the response most people give when I tell them I’m going to take a year (or more?) to explore the world. My response? 

“Hell yeah, I am!”

As of today, I am officially not returning to Kuwait for another school year. I’m not searching for another job and I don’t plan to. I led myself, and others, to believe it was a tough decision. It wasn’t. This kind of decision isn’t hard; it’s the kind of decision people always know the answer to. What’s difficult is acknowledging what we truly want from life and not looking back.

I love teaching. And I can’t wait for next year, whenever ‘next year’ might be. But what else does the world hold for me?

Is the 9-5 job really something I want? What about all those other dreams I once had? I used to love writing, but never did anything with that passion, probably because I was afraid of ‘failure’. I used to organize events and thought that maybe, one day, I’d be an event planner. Or I would work in an outdoor environment or do something with music. I loved serving and bartending. I wanted to work my own hours. Was teaching just the easy way out because I needed something… anything?

So, there you have it: A girl who’s discovering herself, who has a passion for the world and dreams that won’t go away. A girl who, after all these years, still refuses to follow the herd, who wants to make her own way. A girl who just wants to enjoy life to its fullest, to meet new people and experience new cultures. This girl just wants to be she. 

And that is what I’ll be.

To all my friends and family in this world – get ready – I’m coming to visit soon!

Until next time. xoxo


4 thoughts on “What Next?

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  2. but never did anything with that passion, probably because I was afraid of ‘failure’

    That’s been the stroy of my life for so many things. including writing too. but have changed that recently.
    quit my horrible job, writing part time, dreaming full time, and earning none of the time 😀
    loved reading your posts. still exploring… you may find me again on some other post 🙂


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