Disconnected (once again)

As I walk in the door, I feel an automatic sense of calm, of being disconnected. Home is my sanctuary. It’s where I go to relax, to sleep, to get away from the world (except when I’m using it specifically to connect with the people in my world- i.e. hosting friends). 

When I sat on my couch yesterday, I felt that sense of calm. I didn’t know what to do with myself and it felt great. There were no websites to browse, no newsfeed to scroll, no messages to read and respond to. If people wanted to contact me, they would call or text. Otherwise, they’d wait. 

I ended up reading a book. Today, I chose to write. Both are activities I love, yet neglect, when I’m connected to the internet. While disconnected, who knows what I’ll get up to, what I’ll learn about the world and about myself. The possibilities seem endless.

Maybe it’s just me, who’s always loved when the power goes out, who dreams of one day living in a remote village, who has little to no self-control. I know not everyone in the world is like me. But I bet there are lots of people who would benefit from a little disconnection. 

With internet at work, at home, and everywhere in between, we never truly get away from the busy and noisy world; internet just makes it busy and noisy in a quiet, subtle way (that’s a purposeful contradiction there). Constant connection is tearing us away from our independence and self-identity. Perhaps it’s an introverted perspective, but I wonder, 

“Who am I without being connected to you?” 

To this question, I know my answer. For those who don’t know the answer to this question, I challenge you to disconnect a little (or a lot) to find out.

Keep yourself in sight as you navigate this busy and noisy world.

(That being said, I’m still looking forward to connecting with friends and family back home – just on a schedule once again.  🙂

Until next time.  xoxo


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