Another New Year

It really is amazing how quickly we can adjust to new situations. I didn’t want to stop traveling to visit home, but after a couple days back in good ol’ Stouffville, all was good. A short 4 weeks later, I didn’t want to go back to Kuwait (interestingly enough, I was also super excited to start another school year). Now that I’ve been in Kuwait for exactly 2 weeks, I’m happy to be here. 

The summer seems like a distant memory, fading a little more with each passing day. I am so happy that I studied Spanish in Madrid for three fun- and knowledge-filled weeks, that I spent some time in Frankfurt, especially since it was when Germany won the World Cup (now THAT’S a party!), and that I was able to visit with all my friends and family back in the GTA. It was a long summer (though it passed by quickly) and it was just what I (and most of my coworkers) needed.

Now that I’ve been in Kuwait for almost two full weeks, and officially working for one week, I feel good. Really good. This is my first year, after three years of teaching, that I’ll be teaching the same grade-level (and in the same school, too!). I know the school, the country, my coworkers. I know what I’ll be teaching, and I have ideas for how to teach it. Of course, I still expect the year to be extremely busy and, at times, quite overwhelming, but this is the first time I’ve actually felt confident in what I’m doing. This confidence, as many new teachers know, is an indescribable feeling (in this whole new world). I hope it’s not misguided. It’s almost enough to make me question my plans for next year…

In other news, I moved to a new apartment (but in the same building, at least) again this year. I’m starting to wonder if I have a weird compulsion (where, when a place feels like “home”, it’s time to move on). Maybe I feel like I have to keep the streak going (this is home #10 in 10 years).  Or is it normal that one year is too much familiarity for me? One year is starting to seem like too long, though…   Hmm.

Well, I expect each an every one of you (unless you’re in Kuwait… maybe) to drink a glass of that special red grape juice for me.

Until next time.



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