The Beautiful Spanish Language

One month after moving to Mexico, with next to no knowledge of the Spanish language, I wrote about the challenge of communication in an unknown language:

I was in Office Depot today printing pictures and buying a few things. I was attempting communication with someone behind the photo counter and it hit me: life is so much more interesting when simple things like communicating with store employees is a challenge. I almost can’t imagine going home and being able to talk to anyone I want to talk to (save foreigners like me in Mexico).

I may not speak it well and I may not learn it quickly, but I absolutely love this language. Until I moved to Mexico, I hadn’t the slightest idea that I enjoyed language learning at all, let alone this much. I love the challenge of basic communication. I love seeing my growth as communication becomes easier. I love that I am learning-by-doing during almost every moment of my time in a Spanish-speaking country. There is nothing that makes my heart smile quite like learning and speaking Spanish does.

I see the end goal and I can’t wait to reach it. Then what? Maybe I’ll learn French, or a language with a different alphabet?! Only time will tell. How exciting!


3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Spanish Language

  1. It’s the beauty of Spanish language besides the beauty of feeling accomplished is what can draw a nice smile on someone’s face, I guess!
    Life will be meaningful as long as we have a target to work on and achieve, whether learning a language or whatever, and no matter what it takes! may be time, effort, patience,…. eventually, it will always worth it.


    • These things certainly do draw a smile on my, and others’, faces. I do think that life could be meaningful without a set target though (I don’t have a set target, but rather I’m exploring something that interests me). What do you think?


      • It is true that from time to time we need to have a break from thinking and worrying about the future and the way how we plan to reach some potential goals, it will be a good chance to refresh our minds, and it helps us to have more clear vision and to reorganize our thoughts. However, we should not forget the fact that it’s just a short break.But when I imagine living all the way without seeking a set goal, it feels like losing passion for living, even exploring something that interests you still could be considered as a goal!
        I remember a nice quote that may apply here, which says ” If you take the train off the tracks, it’s free but it can’t go anywhere”.


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