Barcelona is So Friggin’ Hot!!!

I’m coming from a country whose temperatures were averaging a minimum of 40 Celsius when I left, yet Barcelona is so friggin’ hot! Over in Kuwait, we’re living the life of a decent weathered winter, a good fall and spring, and an unbearably hot summer (which comprises about half the year). We, in Kuwait, are entitled to curse our friends “back home” when they complain about the cold and/or the heat because, during those 6 months of summer, it’s always worse for us. We wear the lightest, most breathable clothing we have, yet we bring sweaters everywhere we go because, once we transition inside, we’ll be freezing within mere minutes. Our bodies often feel almost-sick during summer months, as a result of these drastic changes, and allergies are constantly displaying their frustration with the sandbox we call home. The heat is dry, though, so the air does a good job of soaking up our sweat for the first 5 or 6 minutes of being outside. After those short minutes, we’ve usually reached our destination or a taxi because, let’s be honest, who would turn down an easily available taxi when, even though we’re used to it, the sweat starts soaking through our shirts… and pants… and hair…

It’s a lifestyle we, or at least I, have gotten used to. I don’t necessarily like it, but I’ve adjusted. When packing for summer, I worried that the clothes I used to wear for a Toronto summer may not be cool enough. I worried that 25 degrees would be the equivalent of what 20 degrees used to be, that 30 would be a little chilly. Boy, was I wrong! Barcelona is friggin’ hot!!! Sure, it’s not Kuwait, but… It’s not Kuwait. The air flows naturally here. While I thought adjusting to Kuwait weather meant my body had adjusted to the heat, what it really means is that my body has adjusted, as much as it can, to a constant and drastic changing of temperatures. Here, in Barcelona, there is little, if any, relief from the heat and humidity. I can tell that most indoor places have air conditioning, but it’s not the ridiculous cold I’m used to. I crave it. I want to feel the cold air dry the sweat from my back. I want to feel that immediate relief when entering an air conditioned space. I want to be soaked with sweat outside, knowing that I can get chilly relief when I want it. 

I want this, yet I dislike it. As a matter of fact, one of my least favorite things about Kuwait is the drastic temperature changes and the unnatural air (which was one of my favorite things in Mexico). While it’s a frustrating adjustment here in Spain, I like it. Maybe not in the immediate moment when I’m dripping in sweat, but overall, I do like this natural temperature and airflow. Relearning that unhealthily cold temperatures are NOT behind every door is a challenge, but well worth it.


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