What Does the Fox Say?

There’s a video on YouTube that “answers” this question (What does the fox say?) in a song… a very silly song. Watch this, then come back.

What did ya think? A little weird, right?

I could not stop laughing – almost uncontrollably – the last time I watched that video.

It all started when a couple of my students asked if I could play it for the class. When they sent me the link to the video, I showed my coworkers. I had a good time singing in the school hallways and dancing in my classroom (the nightlife of a teacher).

I loved it so much that I showed it to some colleagues that night, as we hung out in pajamas in our apartment building (the real nightlife of a teacher). I am fairly certain no one else thought it was even the slightest bit funny. The only thing amusing to them was how much I was enjoying the video… on second thought… they weren’t amused at all… sigh

I acknowledge that it’s a pretty silly video with little purpose beyond some very basic humor. And I’m not one for “simple” humor (aside from my Dude, Where’s My Car and Happy Gilmour days). So why did this video crack me up to extremes rarely reached?

Hmmm… she ponders.

My students love this video. They have a sense of humor. And their sense of humor encourages me to keep my sense of humor, at all levels, alive. Why shouldn’t I laugh at the simple things that may seem pointless and humorless to others? Shouldn’t we find the humor in most of life’s experiences and events, even the “bad” ones?

It also makes me smile that my students were actually curious – I mean, what DOES a fox say? There is some natural curiosity behind these lyrics, and my students have captured that.

BUT… the one and only true explanation for my love of this video is that it makes me think of my happy students! They ask questions and they find answers. They are curious, generous, talented, and balanced. I am always smiling when I think of my students!

So there you have it – my childlike sense of humor has a reason and a purpose. I wonder if I would embrace such humor if I weren’t an elementary school teacher…

P.S. I did play the video in the last 5 minutes of school one day, just to get some laughs out of our almost-humorous-enough day. The class was, overall, decently amused and left with big smiles on their faces.


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