Hala Kuwait!

Hala friends, family, and anyone else who might be reading,
Let me tell you about my Friday night. I intended to get to sleep early to prepare myself for the workweek ahead (the first week of school!). But I didn’t arrive home until almost 1am – a late night for me!
When you think of a late Friday night, you might imagine a licensed establishment of sorts, beer, dancing, and the like. Nope. Pajama Jam. That’s right – jamming in our jammies (and a variety of “comfy clothes”) is what went down last night in my teacher building. As one of my lovely coworkers so accurately stated, “my heart is smiling”. This life, so far, has the perfect mix of all the great things in life. Talks of travel, sports, language learning, music, games, Kuwait-style parties, great food, and of course, great company. Seriously, what more could I ask for?
I suppose I could ask for something just as spectacular professionally… okay. Ask and I shall receive!
My school is just amazing… seriously amazing! I’ve had many a conversation with coworkers about how thrilled we are to be at this school. The administration and leadership team have proven, so far, to be absolutely wonderful. The support we’ve received is phenomenal, the professional opportunities appear endless, and the coming school year promises to be a good one.
I went to Kuwait for the school. Not only was that the perfect professional decision, but it’s turning out to be a great place to live, as well. I certainly miss the charming streets of Mexico, the amazing people there, and the beautiful language (which I fully intend to continue learning!), but this is the life I’ve chosen. Sometimes we need to give up something good to achieve something magnificent.
I won’t bore you with the details of the many shopping trips, social gatherings, and orientation activities in which I’ve participated. However, I do expect to update you as I get more settled in and better acquainted with the culture here in the Middle East. You can sleep tonight knowing another post is in the works.
Until then, keep your smiles bright!  xoxo

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