Year 2

This year is shaping up to be all about new things.

In my new apartment, I’m having a new Mexican living experience. The apartment is very old, so the plumbing isn’t great, and it’s not overly updated, so there are some problems. I’ve learned to fix things “a la Mexicana”. This essentially means fixing it so that it works, even though it may not be the perfect fix. For example, part of my water pipe has been replaced with some sort of tube, tied with a cloth to keep it in place. During this process of “fixing”, we climbed up a basic wooden ladder that was falling apart. I have one tube that brings water into my washing machine, and I need to turn off my water heater if I want that tube to bring cold water. A la Mexicana!

I’m taking the bus a lot more this year now that it’s so convenient and a lot easier to figure out (because pretty much every bus goes to the Alameda, a park near my apartment. I frequently walk to the Centro for a casual weekend walk, to see what’s going on, or to run errands in small, hole-in-the-wall shops. I also go to the market more often. There is a market 5 minutes from my apartment, and another one about 25 minutes away, so I can get lots of food and more for super cheap.

At work, I’m learning so much about teaching math, classroom management, and more. This new position is really giving me the time to work in depth on what matters to me. The math course I’m taking is off to an amazing start. The instructor is really great so far, and I am amazed at how much I’ve learned already!

I’m also learning Spanish at a much quicker pace than last year. The week-long course in August jump-started my year of learning Spanish, and I am now taking weekly lessons. Today’s to-do list includes making and studying flashcards of Spanish verbs and their conjugations

I’ve set a goal to try one new thing, food-related, each week. So far, I’ve had tuna (cactus fruit), palanqueta (best related to peanut brittle, but not quite the same), and I’ve eaten at this really amazing Indian restaurant downtown (I can’t believe I was here for an entire year without eating at this place!). On the list for my near-future endeavors is: the restaurant across the street, the restaurant Sushitto, and making something at home, I’m not sure what, though.

“A new experience can be extremely pleasurable, or extremely irritating, or somewhere in between, and you never know until you try it out.”

– Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book


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