Happy (belated) New Year!

February?! Say what? Where did January go?

Yesterday, my students were so excited when they got to school to tell me about the ice and a little bit of “snow” they were playing with. Yep – we had an awesome thunderstorm with hail! I guess some of it stuck around long enough for the kids to play with it! As I posted on facebook (that’s right – I had an “OMG I HAVE TO put that on facebook” moment), my life in Mexico is now complete! I miss thunderstorms and precipitation. That being said, I was very happy to see the sun come out today for the first time this week. Once every few months is a rain frequency I can deal with.

Going back to the first week of January… A new year, a fresh start. Goals, resolutions and all that crap. It really is true in schools because it’s a nice, lengthy break in the middle of the year. If there is any time to make changes, it’s upon return from Christmas break. 

So I’ve made some changes. Trying to implement a classroom management program that is required of all elementary teachers. One of my biggest learning revelations is that classroom management is not based on theory and “best practices” as a general concept. Rather, it is something that is specific to each school and the students, culture, families, etc. of that school. How I see myself teaching in other international schools isn’t the ideal here for so many reasons. I’m finding a nice mix between that personal “ideal” and what is needed and works for these students at this school.

Today, the class finished their first round of learning centers. I was more excited for this than pretty much anything so far this year. Not only do I think it’s a great way to learn, but it’s also so non-stressful in terms of planning and teaching. I spent 2 days planning the stations and the rest of the week was pretty much done with a few extra lessons thrown in. I had my students fill out a “centers assessment”, but forgot them at school so I don’t know yet what the students have to say (though a brief skim told me that they like the easy stations and don’t like the reading station). I’m pumped to start planning the next round of centers!

Speaking of excitement – loooooong weekend!!!!!! No exciting plans, I’m just going to enjoy having the extra day added onto a normal weekend. A friend and I are hoping to go indoor climbing tomorrow. I haven’t been since I was in Kingston almost a year ago so I am very excited for climbing!!

And if that’s not enough excitement, my parents will be here in less than three weeks!!! yyyeeeee!!!  😀

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

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