Buenas noches!

I was in Office Depot today printing pictures and buying a few things. I was attempting communication with someone behind the photo counter and it hit me: life is so much more interesting when simple things like communicating with store employees is a challenge. I almost can’t imagine going home and being able to talk to anyone I want to talk to (save foreigners like me in Mexico).

Teaching is a whole other challenge. As a first year teacher, my mind is just overflowing with new, exciting ideas and knowledge. A great teacher and friend pointed out tonight that I can’t get ahead of myself and try too much at one time. I am super excited to get into a more organized plan and try some of these great ideas, but I will try to do it in a well-paced, non-overwhelming way. Teaching is like the biggest and fastest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. One day I’m super high and feel like I’m on top of the world – so much energy and excitement, but then I’m going down super fast and it’s a little scary. Soon enough, I’ll be back up, maybe a slightly smaller hill, then down again. I think this roller coaster will straighten out a little bit soon – I can’t have too many ups and downs or I’ll get nauseous and puke (okay, maybe that part of the metaphor doesn’t work so well, but you get the idea). Anyone who knows me well knows I love the excitement of roller coasters (many are actually too boring), so I am enjoying this. The excitement of this ride, though, comes more from the challenges I’ve overcome and the learning opportunities I’ve been presented with.  Lately I’ve realized (though it seems real obvious) that whenever these kids do something “wrong” or are ignorant, it’s my job to “fix” it or educate them. I try to remind myself of this when I’m feeling frustrated. It’s not their fault, it’s just one more thing I am responsible for teaching them. Sometimes I feel like I’m back to my childhood where my brothers would do anything solely in attempt to piss me off (earlier today, for example). But, overall, I like this challenge.

I made a smoothie tonight, with strawberries, yogurt, and a banana. It was flippin’ delicious!!! I also made muffins – don’t ooh and ahh, it was a Betty Crocker “just add water” thing – also delicious, though!

Friday after school, I went to Wing’s Army again. I really love their wings, their beer (did you know there is actually a Duff beer!!! Unfortunately they were out, so I’ll try it next time. Stay posted), and the music they play (a lot of classic rock). Post wings/beer, I went home and relaxed. Saturday, some teachers went to someone’s house for a college football game (it really is huge in the the states!). Good times. Earlier today, I went to La Reyna, a semi-fast-food restaurant that is owned by one of my student’s parents. I had a gordita con huevo (egg), chorizo (some type of meat that doesn’t translate to English, but appears to be similar to sausage), y salsa. It was pretty delicious! Another one of my student’s parents own a restaurant in the centro that is apparently really great, so I’ll have to try that one soon.

It is now about 5 days later (the “draft” option really does prevent me from posting often – for some reason I decided the above paragraphs weren’t satisfactory enough to post earlier this week, but now I must be feeling less picky!). I’m listening to the soothing sound of rain outside and the frequent thunder/lightning combination. I don’t think I’ve seen a drop of rain since that horribly cloudy/cold week we had in early September, so this is nice. Hopefully it won’t last long, though, because I am going to Bernal tomorrow for some hiking, eating blue gorditas, and shopping. I’m leaving my apartment at 8am on a Saturday! I’ll still get an extra 1.5 hrs of sleep than a weekday, so I’m happy. Speaking of extra sleep – we have THREE holidays in November, and two of them are consecutive weekends – Monday, then Friday – so we have a 3 day week in there. Can’t wait!

Today I got a very light, tiny package that had the bestest birthday present ever – GREEN, HEART SHAPED sunglasses!!!! Can you believe it? I have a friend awesome enough to send me a birthday present that is not only super cool, but also reminds me of her! xoxo

If you’re still reading, then you must be important enough to help me decide what to do for Christmas. With a nearly unavoidable layover in the U.S., I feel like I should just plan to spend a night or two somewhere in the states. Any suggestions? Want to meet me somewhere?

I promise I’ll put pictures on soon. My reasons: most people reading this can see them on fb, and I’m on Mexican time. It’ll get done ahorita. 

Miss Lauren’s tip of the day: If you’re looking to try something new, but don’t want to get too crazy, try talking to a friend Romeo and Juliet style. “Tonight, tonight, the world is wild and bright, going mad, shooting sparks into space.” Better without the sappy romance, though.

Adios. Hasta luego.


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