First week mayhem!

Hola amigos!
I am here in Queretaro, Mexico and loving it! I arrived Sunday evening to Mexico City, and found my way onto a bus that arrived in Queretaro 3 hours later. The lovely HR lady picked me up and brought me to my apartment, where I showered, unpacked a bit, and went to introduce myself to my super awesome neighbours.
Since then, I’ve been at school at least 8 hours each day prepping and going to orientation type meetings. Classroom is looking good and I’m almost set for school on Monday. I love the school – it’s so green and welcoming (except the new, modern, middle school building – it’s a little cold, I think).
I’ve been to Wal-Mart almost on a daily basis to get the necessities for my apartment. I’ve also been to the centro (downtown) a couple times to a plastics store, a teacher’s store, and to the library, where there are salsa lessons each night. The library is beautiful – in the middle, it is open air with trees and a nice breeze. This is where the lessons are! Awesome, right? Last night, most of the English teachers went to a bar downtown where we did some salsa dancing (I did more sitting than dancing, unfortunately) – it’s such a great atmosphere! Can’t wait to be a better dancer so I can get on the dance floor!
My apartment is nice – I think I’ve solved my ant problem (they were getting into my peanut butter… is it bad that I’m still eating it?), and I’ve only seen one cockroach and no scorpions, so I think I’m good for bugs. I’m having an outlet problem so my fridge is currently in the middle of my kitchen. I also had my unlocked iPhone 4 stolen from my classroom on Tuesday so I’m pretty bummed about that, mostly because I hadn’t put any pictures from my last week on my computer (the pilon evening with Kate, team beers, and Sabrina and Justin’s wedding), oh and I suppose the fact that to buy a new unlocked phone would cost $800 is kinda crappy! Internet is a huge pain in the $&% to get installed, but I’ll get it eventually. For now, one of my teacher neighbours is very welcoming, and there is also a coffee shop with wi-fi down the street.
I haven’t been sick yet, and I hope I won’t. All the other teachers in my complex were sick when I arrived (they got here a week before me), so I’m hoping I won’t get sick, too, especially with school starting this week – eek!
Most of my time here is spent with other teachers – sharing taxis (that’s our main mode of transportation – so inexpensive!), shopping and going out together. I did a huuuge Wal-Mart trip the other day by myself, including a taxi ride home. It felt good to get out on my own and get some independence back.

I could go on forever about the Mexican lifestyle, learning Spanish and language barriers, and other keen observations, but I’ll hold off for now.

I hope you are enjoying life wherever you may be and remember, try something new each day, act a fool on a regular basis, and never stop smiling.

Until next time. Saludos.


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