A very warm hello and welcome from Toronto (much warmer than it’ll be in my part of Mexico!!!)
I am nearing 3 weeks until departure and have begun the packing process. I have been reading Susanna’s blog and it is getting me so excited for her and also for me and all my other friends who are beginning their teaching careers in various parts of the world!
I am a little (think of a word for “sad” that doesn’t have such a negative/emotional connotation… “bummed”, perhaps – let’s go with that) bummed that I’ll be arriving a week after the rest of the new teachers. I am going to miss orientation, tours, important meal gatherings, and more, but I am confident they will catch me up and that the new teachers will welcome me when I do arrive. It will all be worthwhile because I am so excited to be a part of Sabrina and Justin’s wedding!!

Let this serve as a very excited, enthused, and happy-to-have-you-with-me introduction to my blog of teaching and travelling adventures.

Until next time.


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